9am to 11pm daily (appointment-only)
Moss Frame Workshop Booking
Moss Frame Workshop Booking
Moss Frame Workshop Booking
Moss Frame Workshop Booking
Moss Frame Workshop Booking
Moss Frame Workshop Booking

    Moss Frame Workshop Booking


       Welcome to sppfy's moss frame workshop! Be it to learn a new craft, for self, gifting or as a bonding activity, this workshop is for you. Our private studio allows you to enjoy the 90-minutes workshop exclusively for your group (upon request) and is available for booking daily between 9am - 11pm at every 2-hours interval.

      Booking costs $50 as an advance payment for a timeslot (not per pax), balance payment after session concludes. Max of 12 participants. View full pricing chart and terms in the above tabs.

      Moss frames are great addition to any interior! It is a part of biophilic design which connects humans with the natural landscape, bringing a piece of nature indoors which boosts mental health and positivity. They also require no maintenance and no watering, just occasional dusting; easy-peasy!


        Browse and get live references to the different moss frame styles and themes that you can consider making. Hear from us the challenges and suitability of each design to finally decide on the look that you will be creating.


       Learn about:

      • the different varieties of mosses
      • preservation process of mosses
      • different types of moss frame designs
      • best practices in moss art
      • materials used
      • personalized care tips & tricks


       Handle more than 4 different types of preserved mosses. Work with a range of materials and tools to build the look you have in mind. Mosses, rocks, pebbles, driftwood, bark, preserved flowers and coloured preserved reindeer moss are all available for unlimited use.

      Crystals such as amethyst stones, quartz shards or small quartz cluster are also included in package, quantity depends on size of frame chosen.


       Finally, add personalized finishing touches by decorating your moss frame with free craft materials such as wooden alphabets, symbols and icons. Customized lasercut wood signs and words are also included if required. Complimentary greeting cards with coloured pens are also provided to complete the whole experience.



      Duration:  90 minutes
      Location: 112 Middle Road
      Pricing: $78 (A5 size, ~15cm x 21cm)
      $118 (A4 size, ~30cm x 21cm)
      $148 (A3 size, ~ 42cm x 30 cm)

      Unlimited use of all types of mosses, materials, within the frame
      A5/A4/A3 - approx 30g/60g/100g crystals
      Decorative craft materials & greeting card